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Summaries of Year 2004 Grants

African Blackwood Conservation Project (USA/Tanzania) — to complete a basic building at the Moshi Mpingo tree nursery, which provides secure storage for gardening tools as well as shelter and overnight accommodations for volunteers and nursery staff.

Agribusiness in Sustainable Natural African Plant Products – ASNAPP (Ghana) — to construct a basic packing house for use by farmers in Aklamador for selecting, sorting and packing of a traditional herbal tea which they have grown.

Association “Green Alternative” (Republic Of Georgia) — to purchase 340 new textbooks benefiting all nine grades of the Akhaldaba Boarding School serving 200 children, as well as environmental education trainings for teachers, and student tree-planting.

Association of Young Azerbaijani Friends of Europe (Azerbaijan) — to organize a working camp in Ganja, Azerbaijan, with participation of local and international volunteers, to address the environmental challenges of the Kur River and raise local awareness of environmental problems.

Benton Furniture Share (USA) — to allow this volunteer-based organization focusing on the reuse and distribution of donated, used furniture and appliances to supply needed household items to the low-income elderly in and near Benton County, Oregon.

Blue Veins (Pakistan) — to provide clean drinking water to the people of Arando Khawar village through installation of two hand pumps, so that the villagers will no longer need to travel 14 kilometers for clean water or to use sewage-contaminated canal water.

Cambodian Land Mine Museum Relief Fund (Canada/Cambodia) — to help cover local teachers’ salaries for a new school for children suffering from land mine accidents, many of whom are amputees, which is being constructed in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Center for People’s Agricultural Plan for the 21st Century – PAP21 (Philippines) — to assist 10 agrarian reform beneficiary farm families to pursue diversified organic farming, including purchase of farm tools and materials, seeds, two carabao, and skills training.

Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems (India) — to support the growing of green manure crops for income generation by small farmers in Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu, including providing seeds, organic inputs like neem cake and biofertilizers, and training.

Centro de Educacion Creativa (Costa Rica) — to construct a vermiculture composting house at this environmentally focused school that will produce rich, compost for organic vegetable gardens, native plant gardens, and local reforestation activities.

Comite de Emergencia Garifuna de Honduras (Honduras) — to strengthen and expand this Garifuna organization’s work to replant the endangered and culturally significant balaire vine, as well as to support a youth project to reforest the beach with native, wild fruit plants.

Common Ground Program (Kenya) — to support the students and staff at Pathfinder Academy in providing biointensive agriculture training to 30 widows and their families in Bafubi Women Group, including tools, starter seeds, and educational materials.

Dos Pueblos: New York - Tipitapa Sister City Project (USA/Nicaragua) — for pipes and tubes to be used by local volunteer labor to extend potable water to the community of Miraluz, which will serve 35 families without local access to water.

Ecoclub Nongovernmental Youth Organization (Ukraine) — for an educational and environmental protection project at the Barmaky natural reserve near Rivne, Ukraine, including providing informational signage, protective barriers, trash canisters, brochures, and support for volunteers.

Eco-Garden (Kenya) — for training small farmers in organic gardening and sustainable environmental management, as well as providing them with tools and vegetable and tree seeds, and to help maintain Eco-Garden’s 6 bicycles.

EcoLogic Development Fund (USA/Guatemala) — to help support the salary of an office administrator for EcoLogic’s Guatemalan partner Ulew Che ‘Ja, which is working with dozens of Quiche Maya communities to actively protect and restore their 50,000 acres of communal forests.

Environment and Community Development Organization – ECDO (Nepal) — to repair community drinking water systems in Kavre district, Nepal, purchase a plastic water tank for a primary school, and to help prevent soil erosion and landslides through tree planting.

Friends Service Council (Nepal) — to support FSC’s Women Empowerment Project, which will directly benefit 50 deprived women through providing them with training in sewing, vegetable growing, kitchen gardens, setting up a small business, legal issues, and leadership.

Fundacion Ecologica Tercer Mundo (Ecuador) — to construct a small laundry house in Nalpe, water-cleaning filtration system, settling ponds, and water-transport system, using mostly community volunteer labor, to help protect the water quality of the Rio Vite.

Global Children (USA/Cambodia) — to support a needed hygiene program at Kampong Cham Orphanage in Cambodia, including providing cleaning supplies, hiring a cleaning person, and providing hygiene education training to children and caregivers.

Goriber Asroy (Bangladesh) — to construct a biogas plant which will supply light for an adult literacy night school and high quality bio-fertilizer for a community vegetable garden, as well as for a project to expand a medicinal tree nursery including purchasing seeds and installing a fence.

Harvest of Hope Self-Help Community Centre (Kenya) — to support sustainable agriculture projects working to improve lives of the Kenyan communities on the coast, to include purchase of tools and equipment, workshops, demonstrations, training, and extension and home visits.

Health Education Adoption Rehabilitation Development Society (India) — for a community water program for the 42 tribal families of Lakshmipuram Village including drilling a 300 foot bore well, purchasing a casing pipe, and hand pumps.

Indian National Trust for the Welfare of Tribals (India) — to support INTWOT’s Rural Growth with the Cultivation of Herbs project in Orissa, India, focusing on tribal farmers, to include development of a medicinal herb nursery, distributing saplings, and project supervision.

Interaccion para el Desarrollo Sostenible (Bolivia) — for reforestation programs in rural communities, printing educational materials, purchase of agroforestry and agricultural crop seeds, holding training courses, and transportation for volunteers.

Jeevan Rekha Parishad (India) — for training and assisting women in bee keeping and honey processing in Chandaka village, Orissa, including providing 2 bee boxes to each of 20 women members of a selfhelp group and purchase of a honey processing unit.

MADRE (USA/Nicaragua) — to allow the Wangki Luhpia Women’s Sewing Collective on Nicaragua’s North Atlantic coast to purchase an electric industrial sewing machine, enabling them to increase their output dramatically and to learn to operate new equipment.

Mangrove Action Project (USA/Mexico) — to help support a ten-day volunteer coastal rehabilitation and mangrove conservation project along the eastern shore of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, including purchase of tools, ecosystem restoration, workshops, and volunteer coordination.

Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation (USA/Mexico) — to assist the NGO Alternare to finish the floors and walls of its new training center, which will provide education in sustainable forestry and agricultural techniques to campesino residents of Mexico’s monarch reserve.

Nabichakha Women Group (Kenya) — to purchase seeds, bags, and organic materials to grow 2,000 saplings of indigenous, herbal, and fruit trees that will help reforest and rehabilitate badly degraded land, and which can also provide income and food.

Nepal Social Service Fund (USA/Nepal) — to support a Safe House and community education center in Kathmandu which serves surgical patients and their families as well as street children, including the purchase of a kerosene refrigerator and kerosene stove.

New Forests Project (USA/Honduras & El Salvador) — to purchase 10 chlorine drinking water disinfecting devices and to train plumbers in water disinfection in 10 small communities in rural Honduras and El Salvador.

Outreach Asia (USA/Laos) — to fund a new, larger and greatly improved classroom with a cement floor, new desks, and toilet at a rural elementary school in a village in Laos which will have sufficient space for all of the village children who wish to learn.

Pedals for Progress (USA/Colombia) — to ship used bicycles reconditioned by inmates of the Ellsworth Correctional Institute in Kansas to FundaciS´n Horizontes de Libertad in Colombia, where the bikes will help to provide transportation and rehabilitation for released inmates.

PermaLot (Czech Republic) — for purchase of a photovoltaic panel and radio-controlled steering for a basic prototype pollution-free solar-powered agricultural vehicle which can transport water, pallets, agricultural workers, and harvested produce.

Planet Drum Foundation (USA/Ecuador) — to continue a native plant revegetation project on a dangerously eroded six-kilometer stretch of hillsides near Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador, including wages for tree planters, water transport by backpack, truck and burro, and fencing.

Porters’ Progress (USA/Nepal) — to run daily education and empowerment programs in Lukla which reach at least 1,000 child and adult Nepali porters, including purchase of classroom materials and teaching aids.

Project Mercy (USA/Mexico) — to construct a basic house out of used garage doors, recycled windows, and other reused materials for a family in need in a colonia of Tijuana, Mexico, as well as to purchase materials to help start a new sanitary latrine.

Rainforest Information Centre (Australia/Uganda) — for a tree planting campaign by the NGO YES-Uganda, to include distribution of 225 medicinal and indigenous plants to each of 140 homesteads in 30 Ugandan villages, holding 10 community workshops, and technical assistance.

Red Cliff Land Recovery Project (USA)Land Fund — to support land acquisition by a Native American tribal organization on the Red Cliff Reservation in northern Wisconsin.

Trees for the Future (USA/Senegal) — to support production of two training videos, in both Wolof and English versions,?that will help farmers in Senegal and elsewhere learn the benefits of incorporating agroforestry techniques into their gardens and crop fields.

Trees, Water and People (USA/Guatemala) — to provide approximately 35 fuel-efficient stoves to members of Mujer Hacia Adelante, a women’s cooperative in Guatemala, which can help to prevent illnesses caused by smoke inhalation and reduce deforestation for fuelwood.

White Earth Land Recovery Project (USA)Land Fund — to help this indigenous organization purchase a 50-acre parcel of land on Minnesota’s White Earth Indian Reservation, containing approximately 25 acres of forests, 25 acres of natural wetlands, and a small house.

Wild Flora and Fauna Fund (Bulgaria) — to purchase 20 beehives with the ancient Kamchiya bee variety that is a very good pollinator for rare orchids and other plants, and to create a demonstration bee park in Bulgaria’s Kamchiya River valley cared for by a volunteer beekeeper.

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